At Melbourne Hearing Care Clinic, we provide safe and effective removal of ear wax. Qualified audiologists trained in ear wax removal use a combination of micro-suction and micro-curettage to ensure your ears can work at their best.

The production of ear wax (or cerumen) is a natural and healthy function of the ear. Ear wax is designed to trap dirt and dust from entering too deep into the ear, and helps gradually move debris out of the ear canal.

Some individuals however are prone to excessive build-up of ear wax. The use of earplugs, earphones, and hearing aids can also impact the normal movement of wax out of the ear. In these cases, wax accumulation can then become a problem, causing ears to feel blocked or hearing muffled or not as it normally should be. There may also be some changes to any noises in your ears.

Removal of problematic ear wax can not only ensure your ears can work at their best but make sure that earplugs, earphones, or hearing aids are able to work at their best too.

These service incurs additional fees additional fees.

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