Dealing with hearing and communication difficulties can be very hard to navigate. At the Melbourne Hearing Care Clinic (MHCC) we ensure that we always put you at the centre of that journey.

Melbourne Hearing Care Clinics offers up-to-date best-practice, independent audiological care, utilising the latest technology and devices from a wide range of options. We take the time to ensure that your hearing difficulties have been thoroughly investigated and will provide the best options for improving your hearing and communication ability. This may be via hearing aids, assistive listening devices, communication strategies, or a combination of these.

Improving your hearing is an ongoing process and our care continues to evolve as your communication needs change. We will ensure that your hearing technology is kept in optimal condition and is adjusted to reflect your changing circumstances.

Since prevention is better than cure, Melbourne Hearing Care Clinic also provides a range of custom or off the shelf hearing protection options for occupational noise and music. Earplugs for swimming and water protection are also available.

More information on Hearing devices, technology and protection.

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